Don’t just make radio;

make waves

Today’s Listener has never had more competition for their attention.

Content is king, and to be relevant you’ve got to put something out there that gets noticed. In every venue – music, talk breaks, podcasts, social media, music (did we say music twice? It’s really important), digital, live events, your strategy should be fresh, innovative, and fearless.

Fearless? Yep, we’ll get to that.

But first let’s get together.

We’ve got some really fun things to talk about.

Our mantra is to be Fresh, Innovative, and Fearless.

Why does that matter?

Don’t you love reaching into your favorite bag of chips and as you start to chew you realize they’re stale? I bet you immediately want to wash them down with some nice flat soda. And how about that gas station pizza sitting under the heat lamp just drying out like the desert sun? Pretty great huh? The only thing better is some delicious sushi that is two weeks past the expiration date.

Suffice it to say, being fresh matters.

We’ve all heard that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So why then aren’t more people reimagining what is possible in radio? Aren’t you tired of hearing people say, “you can’t do it like that” or “it will never work”? So are we. For far too long radio has operated under the same tired and outdated strategies. Every industry must be willing to change, to create new ways to deliver bigger and better experiences and interactions. Those who aren’t willing to step outside the box and try new things might find themselves sitting at a coffee shop exchanging war stories with the Kodak and Blockbuster people.

Now is the time to innovate.

Taking risks is scary. The last thing you want is to be the person who brings down the radio station. In times such as these, however, playing it safe might be the greatest risk of all.

As the poet and philosopher Zacchaeus Williams said, Fear is a Liar.

Who Are We

Amlin Media Group is a mashup of dreamers, renegades, music junkies, content creators, world changers, out of the box thinkers, and Jesus lovers. We’re also weird…but like, in a good way.

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What Others Say
“Todd has a unique skillset in that he understands the radio programming world as well as high-level concert promotion. We’ve partnered in both areas and his understanding of both worlds is added value – he understands the audiences and brings them together by applying his knowledge. We’ve done great work with Todd over the years and we are thrilled that he is taking it all to a higher level.”

David Smallbone, Manager, For King & Country

“Todd understands the importance of building genuine relationships and the value of truly partnering with artists, the listener and the wider radio community. He has a passion for music, people and ministry and does everything with grace, excellence and decency. Todd and the team are perfectly positioned to help and support your team in reaching your community with the Gospel.”

Darren Mulligan, We Are Messengers

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